night ape

The protagonist of our story in Modern Genesis City, Night Ape is a vigilante and detective, patrolling areas where the Heroes League and police don’t have jurisdiction, such as the Docks and DeGen Alley.

bella bash

Bella Bash grew up in the DeGen Alley’s streets. She lived a very tough life, but back then, she was helped by Attikus Trask, who saw some potential in her and offered her a chance to join his crew.


The head of LD Industries, Alexander Yowleus Duma, or Lord Duma as he calls himself, is one of Genesis City's most prominent businessmen.


Griff is a former GCPD policegen and also one of the founding members of the Heroes League. He was there at the time Gang War broke out when he was just a rookie in police service.

rat rider

Rat Rider runs some illegal fights in DeGen District, defying Attikus’s orders when he said he wouldn’t allow fights in his neighborhood without getting paid his share.

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